Our Message to the World

President's greeting

Japan is renowned for its world leading insecticide technology. As a key player in all of that, we at Fumakilla have long developed and offered unique products to the market since the company was established. For example, in 1920, we developed the world's first hand-push insecticide, Fumakilla High Power Liquid, to help protect people from infectious diseases transmitted by pests. In 1968, we launched the world's first electric mosquito killer, VAPE, which went on to become recognized as a reliable insecticide brand all over the world. We have marketed a succession of products the world had never seen before, including a battery-operated electric mosquito repeller and a one-touch mosquito repeller. We now do business in some 70 countries around the globe, bringing comfort and safety to people the world over.

Our innovative product development is supported by our guiding principle of protecting lives, living, and the environment. Sadly, millions of people around the world die each year of infectious diseases transmitted by mosquitoes, such as malaria and dengue fever. In Southeast Asia, in particular, where the diseases have claimed many lives, insecticides are very basic and essential items for people to protect their loved ones from deadly diseases. In some regions, however, less safe insecticides are commonly used and end up exposing the users to health risks, not to mention not protecting their lives at all.

With our cutting-edge, safety insecticide technologies, we are determined to make more significant contributions to people and society as a whole.

In order to further enhance our technologies and know-how, we have set up research and development centers in Japan, as well as Indonesia and Malaysia, which are regarded as a front line in combating infectious diseases. We pursue the effectiveness against deadly insects of all kinds, including a highly insecticide-resistant “super mosquito.” Our extensive research starts with the ecology of pests. We never compromise when it comes to technological innovation, such as drive and circuitry technologies for insecticide devices, and chemical agent retention and diffusion technologies. In partnership with academic institutions and businesses with whom we conduct collaborative development, we strive to lead the world in a wide variety of areas and steadily deliver results.

We at Fumakilla are committed to doing our very best to remain essential to and sought by people in every corner of the world, as a member of the local community.

In order to protect lives and living, Fumakilla will never cease to pursue its missions.

Kazuaki Oshimo
Fumakilla Limited